Fatherhood Task Force of South Florida

Established 2010

Fathers In Education Day

Fathers in Action & Advocacy Week

April 15 - 19, 2024

We are celebrating the 11th Fathers in Education Day and Fathers in Action & Advocacy Week on April 18 and April 15-19 respectively. We encourage all M-DCPS fathers and male significant others to participate in their child’s local schools. 
Children no matter what level of education they attend reap academic and social benefits from their fathers’ continuous support and involvement in their studies and schools. This year we are excited to share that the 11th Fathers in Education Day’s Host School is North Miami Middle School in collaboration with Arch Creek Elementary School and North Miami Senior High School.

Fathers in Education Day Fathers in Action and Advocacy Week SPONSORS

Our Mission

Our Mission is to increase the involvement of fathers in children's lives before birth and during their growing years.

  • Advocate for and engage fathers, male family members and male significant others as positive role models and mentors for children to ASSURE THEIR CHILDRENS’ RIGHTS.
  • Leader in promoting and advancing services and programs for fathers of all ages and stages of development and interaction.
  • Advocate for parental policies that are equitable and inclusive of expectant and new fathers and mothers.
  • Provide consultation and speakers on fatherhood issues, engagement, messaging, outreach, and program development.

Signature Programs

  • Fatherhood Reading Squad – Leaders for Readers School Program
  • 10th Fathers in Education Day in M-DCPS
  • 10th Fathers in Action and Advocacy Week in M-DCPS
  • Network for New Dads
  • Fatherhood Conferences/Videos – New Insights/Breaking Barriers
  • Published Research on Fatherhood Groups and Programs
  • Fatherhood Leadership Workshops
  • Best Practices of Fatherhood Workshop
  • Magic of the Brain – Addressing Teenage Stresses

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We welcome donations to enable us to continue to increase the involvement of fathers in children’s lives. Please assist us in our goals of education and prevention to enable more men/fathers to have access to programs and services to serve their children. We provide guidance and training to encourage organizations to develop and expand fatherhood initiatives.